Anciennement la Coupe Rogers

ENTREVUE : Barbora Krejcikova & Katerina Siniakova (d. Groenefeld-Schuurs) (EN)

11 août, 2019

Sunday, August 11, 2019
7-5, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Our doubles champions here. First questions, please.

Q. Congrats on the win today. I think this is the first title of the year for you guys together. How important was it to come here as the top seeds and get the job done?

KATERINA SINIAKOVA: Yeah, I mean, it’s really nice to have title. We had few finals and finally we could reach the title.

So, I mean, it was really good week for us. I mean, it start pretty strange. We wanted to play, and we didn’t play the first match because our opponents were ill.

But, I mean, I think we played good matches, and we are so happy that we won the title.

And, I mean, hopefully the next weeks we can show even better tennis.

Q. I was wondering if you could talk about the chemistry that you guys have on court and how much that helped you to win.

BARBORA KREJCIKOVA: I think we have a really good communication together on court. It’s helping a lot because we speak the same language.

We know each other for a long time, so I think that this really helps a lot. We know what is each of us doing. So, yeah, I think it’s what make us a good doubles team.

Q. Just what was the key today, in your opinion? After such a tough first set, the way you closed it out in the second was pretty impressive.

KATERINA SINIAKOVA: I mean, it was tough to close it. So I think it’s good we kept fighting and finished the set, because it help us. I think it was much better to have set up.

And, I mean, we trying to go to court and play aggressive, stay and play our game. And I think from the beginning we gave them the pressure.

And, you know, we played some not best games, but it was good that we each keep our heads up and we finish the set. It was really good. And I think even the start of the second set that we broke them, it was much better for us.

Q. So obviously the best sort of preparation you could expect going to the US Open, but what other sort of challenges do you foresee going forward in the next two, three weeks? What will you be looking to fine-tune?

BARBORA KREJCIKOVA: Well, I mean, yeah, for sure it’s really nice to win the title and, you know, to go for the next tournament with a title.

But I feel like every single week is different. You know, the competition is really tough. It’s, you know, like so many good singles players for the doubles. And also there are so many good doubles team that are only focusing for the doubles. But still, you know, every single week is difficult.

And, yeah, I mean, next week is Cincinnati. So, yeah, we’ll be playing there too. And we going to do our best to try to win tournament again. And then after is US Open and then is the Asia swing and everything.

So, I mean, I think we go just tournament by tournament, you know, match by match. And, yeah, we try our best, and we see where we can get.

Q. Of course, like you said, Cinci next week. That’s such a quick turnaround. Do you guys get time to celebrate this one or are you heading straight out there?

KATERINA SINIAKOVA: I don’t think we will have really time, but we can celebrate it now. I mean, one hour of celebration and then we need to be ready for the next one. (Laughing.)

Q. Would you be able to say a few words about Rogers Cup? What did you like about it?

BARBORA KREJCIKOVA: Yeah, well, I mean, this is my second time being here. Last year I played Montreal and the year before I was here. So, I mean, for sure, I mean, I love coming back even since juniors, even since playing here, you know, the tournament, I think, in 2013 when we played also together.

I mean, since then, I love it in Canada. I just really love it here. And, I mean, the Rogers Cup, it’s very nice. You know, there are plenty of courts to play, to practice.

And, you know, the organization is very nice. You know, like people are really, like, taking care of you, so many volunteers. And everybody is looking after you and doing the best job that they can do. So I really like it.

And this year I stayed in downtown, so I saw a little bit of the city.

So for me, this year was special. You know, also being downtown, being here, and then winning the title was, yeah, perfect combination.

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